Cross Staggered Lamp Strip CSG

Available in T5 and T5 HO 1 lamp configurations. Nominal 2’, 3’ and 4’ lengths. Ideal for cove or cornice lighting where uniform, uninterrupted

illumination is necessary. 6” lamp stagger eliminates dark spots caused by back to back sockets on standard strips. Optional symmetrical, asymmetrical, and light shield reflectors available. Tandem pair configurations available to simplify field installation.


Die formed 20 gauge steel welded for maximum strength.


Energy saving electronic ballasts comply with Federal Energy Efficiency standards. Ballasts are <10% THD and include 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Ballasts operate on 120V-277V (UNV) unless specified otherwise.


Post-painted with premium grade white enamel with minimum 89% reflectance applied over iron phosphate pretreatment for maximum adhesion and rust resistance.


  • All units bear UL label.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Suitable for damp location.
  • ARRA and BAA compliant.


Cut Sheet

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