All Purpose Exit Light X6R

Slim, easy to install unit is a compact all-in-one snap together design. The light source will be red LED technology which provides a uniform

illumination L.E.D. units provided with ultra bright L.E.D. diodes. Reliable and cost efficient unit is ideal for any commercial or industrial application where high performance and contemporary design is required. Universal mounting single or double face for ceiling end or back mount. Includes canopy and extra face. Standard white housing. Optional black housing To meet various local codes, units are also available with optional green letters. Knockouts provided for left, right, and double face arrows. Emergency models provided with solid state charging system and maintenance free batteries. Optional with remote capabilities.


Housing constructed of thermoplastic material. Optional steel and cast aluminum housings.


Supplied with replaceable, sealed Nickel- Cadmium battery. Provides a minimum of 90 minutes of continuous emergency illumination.


  • All units bear UL label.
  • Meets or exceed NEC, OSHA, NFPA, and most state and local codes.
  • New York City and Chicago approved units available.
  • Suitable for damp locations.


Cut Sheet

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